Yottaa, a great tool for monitoring the performance of your site

22 Nov

Recently I have found this really cool and useful website: http://www.yottaa.com. Yottaa, besides the curious domain name is a web 2.0 style monitoring and benchmarking site. You input what pages to monitor or benchmark and it uses an automated Firefox browser to load and process the whole page, including the CSS and Javascript. Then it reports you page load time, time to interactivity, and a full YSlow report, and their custom score.

Yottaa is a unit prefix in the International System of Units (SI) denoting a factor of 1024 or 1000000000000000000000000. It has the unit symbol Y. The prefix name is derived from the Greek ὀκτώ (októ), meaning eight, because it is equal to 10008.

The Yottaa score is their custom score for reporting performance, it seems to be based on the YSlow score. Having custom scores is becoming the norm on the performance field, we are trying to keep away from merely using server response time in seconds, however, these performance units should standardize at some point…

Another cool thing about the site, is that it performs the benchmark periodically, so you can keep track of performance at different moments of the day and week. It can even send you reports when your site is down, or performance variation. The site is really interactive, it can be very useful to show your customers or clients how you measure against your competition, keep track of competition changes and so much more. Since the first time I have used the site, it has included many new features, so it is expanding really fast.

As cons, well, your performance data is public, but as your website is public, why not? The company is probably going to offer premium services in a short time. I hope they keep most of the features free, not like many free startup services. You can check PeformanceRasta’s benchmark at:


In the moment we are not trying to get the best score, this is just a blog! ; )