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Calculating 95th, 99th, 50th (median) with a single MySQL query

16 Nov

As a first post, let’s start with a basic tip for SQL queries I use very often.  First let’s start with some basic info on percentiles:

Percentiles are one of the best indicators of how well our web site is performing, unlike averages.  Averages tend to hide information on outlier values, and while they might be showing you adequate numbers, they might be hiding how a significant portion of  users are seeing your site.

For websites, a good percentile to base measurements is the 95th percentile, while for network equipment the 99th.  This is because you might have some pages that are inherently longer to process, such an availability search for a specific product, while network equipment doesn’t have this constrain.  You should really use the number that best represents your workload, 95th seems to be set as the standard but you can also use the 85th according to the type of site you are monitoring.  The median (not average) corresponds to the 50th percentile.  (more…)