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Data Analytics: MyISAM vs ARCHIVE vs Infobright ICE vs Infobright IEE benchmark (part2)

14 May

This is Part2 of the MySQL based engines I have been testing lately.  Part1 covered time loading data, size on disk for the tables, and system specs.  On Part1 we could see how the ARCHIVE engine and both free and commercial versions of Infobright gave significant gains in disk space.  In Load times, the commercial version of Infobright (IEE) was the fastest; while MyISAM (disabling keys), ARCHIVE, and Infobright ICE were similar.  InnoDB performed poorly importing data from CSV, taking days to import.  InnoDB works better with INSERT statements than CSV imports.  The next Figure show query performance on this test data for two different queries:

query performance for different MySQL engines



8 Nov

Welcome to Performance Rasta, yet another web performance and optimization blog, but with a Rasta style to it.  This blog is intended to post news, product reviews, tools, tips, benchmarks, findings, use cases, and report headaches, and make catharsis  while working on the journey of web server optimization.  Both from a hands-on, practical, day to day perspective to an academic, research perspective.

With post covering current topics such as: NoSQL (mainly Redis), LAMP (GNU/Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), some JavaScript, and server monitoring.  And academic topics on user modeling, cloud, autonomic, green computing.

Why the name? Well it was available…  And why not, trying to bring a different perspective into the field of web server performance, not from a corporate point of view, but from the day-to-day use of new open-source technologies, with a personal touch.

The blog is maintained mainly by Nicolas Poggi, a PhD researcher in Web performance and scalability, developer, and Internet enthusiast since ’96.  Trying to help improve and foster Internet technologies to make them more reachable to users, and most importantly, efficiently to host.  You can check out my academic articles at: http://personals.ac.upc.edu/npoggi/

I will try to keeps links, quotes and books on the topics updated, comments to post, emails and posts are welcomed!


Contact: npoggi AT ac.upc.edu