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Summary of the current data model

4 Jul

From the Spark summit 2014, on Eric Baldeschwieler’s (@jeric14) presentation: “Spark and the future of big data applications¨, slide 13 on the image below summarizes quite well the current layers of how Web companies should align their different data needs:

Application Data Model

While Eric calls it the Bid Data model, I believe this applies to the overall data model of any medium to large Web company.  And how data flows within the architecture and the separate, but interrelated data needs and uses.

You can download the presentation at: Spark and the future of big data applications

Hello world!

8 Nov

Welcome to yet another blog on web server performance and optimization, but with a especial touch.  Expect several posts during the next weeks, in the mean time, you can check the About section with some more info on the Who? and Why? of this blog.

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